Heart Lung and Vascular Surgery

The heart, lung and vascular surgery team at Regional Health specializes in the surgical treatment of conditions of the heart (heart disease), lungs (lung disease), esophagus and chest wall as well as vascular disease (blood vessels). We provide comprehensive services ranging from emergency care to advanced heart, lung and vascular disease treatment to heart failure treatment. Our unique position in South Dakota gives our patients access to the latest clinical trials and cutting edge technology.

Team Collaboration and Exceptional Staff

Our cardiac, thoracic and vascular surgeons work with a variety of specialists including cardiologists, vascular and interventional radiologists, oncologists, pulmonologists, and electrophysiologists to provide a multidisciplinary team approach. This collaboration provides the patient with optimal strategies and treatment to ensure excellent outcomes.


Regional Health is leading the way in innovative techniques to allow our patients to benefit from the latest technologies such as video assisted thoracoscopic surgical procedures (VATS):  This minimally invasive surgical approach is used help identify potential lesions in the chest cavity. This can be used to diagnose and treat nodules of the lung as well as lung cancer. This minimally invasive procedure can decrease the recovery time and increase the certainty of a successful biopsy or removal of suspicious tissue.
Minimally invasive heart surgery:  
This technique utilizes a minimal incision to perform coronary bypass surgery and valve surgery.  Prior surgical techniques required a long incision through the sternum (breast bone) to get to the heart. Our surgeons excel at a minimally invasive approach to doing heart surgery to benefit our patients comfort and recovery.
Rapid City Regional Hospital participates in a national registry for the Society of Thoracic Surgeons. Our outcomes for the most common surgical procedures, coronary artery bypass and valve surgery are exemplary. Our overall operative mortality is 1.9 compared to nationally which is 2.4 and for regional comparison (like sized facilities in our region) which is 2.8.
Rapid City Regional Hospital physicians participate in research based clinical trials to benefit our patients with the latest treatment techniques.

Cardiac Surgery

We deliver exceptional, nationally-recognized cardiac care for our patients. Using the latest advancements and techniques, including minimally invasive heart surgery, our surgeons treat a wide range of cardiovascular and cardiothoracic, lung and vascular conditions.

  • Coronary artery Bypass Grafting
  • Valve Surgery
  • Aortic surgery
  • Arrhythmia (atrial fibrillation) surgery
  • Heart Failure (ventricular assist device) surgery
  • Minimally invasive heart surgery
  • Surgery for adults with congenital heart disease

Thoracic Surgery

Our surgeons at Rapid City Regional Hospital are experts in the surgical management of  conditions involving the lungs, esophagus and chest. Our thoracic surgeons are highly experienced in delivering leading-edge treatments to patients including video-assisted and robotic techniques. These minimally invasive surgical techniques generally result in decreased post-operative pain, quicker recovery times and reduced risk of infection.

We offer the leading edge procedures to treat all types of thoracic disorders and diseases including:

  • Surgery for Lung Cancer
  • Treatment of esophageal diseases (esophageal cancer, Gastroesophageal reflux and motility issues)
  • Treatment for non-cancerous lung disorders
  • Treatment of benign and malignant tracheal disorders
  • Chest wall surgery, including rib fracture repair
  • Surgery to repair a hernia of the diaphragm
  • Treatment for emphysema
  • Treatment for hyperhidrosis
  • Treatment of Thoracic outlet syndrome

Vascular Surgery

The cardiovascular and vascular surgeons of Rapid City Regional Hospital are highly experienced in both open and endovascular management of all varieties of conditions involving both arteries and veins. Our expertise in endovascular techniques helps our patients to recover faster with excellent outcomes.

We provide state-of–the-art procedures to treat all types of vascular diseases including:

  • Open and endovascular treatment of thoracic aneurysms and dissections
  • Open and endovascular treatment of abdominal aortic aneurysms and dissections
  • Open and endovascular treatment of peripheral arterial disease
  • Treatment of carotid artery disease
  • Preoperative consultation
  • Second opinions
  • Clinical Trials