Current Trials

American Indian Health Smoking Dependence Study


  • Native Americans 18 years or older
  • Currently smoking cigarettes daily
  • Not pregnant
  • Willing to stop smoking in the next 3 months
  • Willing to use NRT (such as nicotine patch, gum and/or lozenge)
  • Willing to attend counseling sessions
  • Willing to receive motivational text messages on a mobile phone we will provide
  • Not currently enrolled in any other smoking cessation program or study
  • Willing to meet with the Community Research Representative multiple times to complete surveys and
  • Measure breath carbon monoxide
  • Not currently using e-cigarettes


The purpose of this study is to learn why people smoke even when they may know the hazards of smoking. It will look at several strategies to help you stop smoking. These will include counseling by a community research representative to help the participant stop smoking. Everyone will also receive NRT and text messaging over cell phone (we provide the cell phones and cell phone plan that includes unlimited talk and text to participants for the duration of their time in the study) to help stop smoking. For this project we are looking to enroll people who are motivated to quit smoking. One of the main things we will be helping you with is setting a quit date, preparing for that day and staying quit. So we are looking for people who really want to stop smoking soon.


An enrolled participant would be in the study for about 18 months. They will meet with the community research rep(CRR) up to 11 times throughout those 18 months (meet more often early on, and less often as time passes). Most meetings with the CRR will take about 45 minutes to 1 hour. The first meeting will take the longest at about 1 ½ hours. The meetings will involve surveys, CO monitor breath tests, and counseling.

Number to Enroll:

Plan to enroll about 256 people in Rapid City, 60 of whom need to be cancer survivors.

Other Important Info:

Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) is provided through IHS pharmacy. So if a person is interested in enrolling they would meet with the smoking cessation person at IHS first to make sure they are healthy enough for NRT and then they would also follow them as the prescriber of the NRT.

Community Research Representative Contact Information:

Kristin Cina, BS, TTS
Rapid City Community Research Representative

Simone Bordeaux, LPN
Rosebud Community Research Representative

Kimberly Rooks-Crawford, TTS
Pine Ridge Community Research Representative