Walking Forward

American Indians in the Northern Plains exhibit high cancer mortality rates. This could be a result of low cancer screening rates, barriers to accessing health care and advanced stages of cancer during presentation. Walking Forward Program is funded by the National Institutes of Health with the goal of increasing cancer survival rates among American Indians in western South Dakota. This is facilitated through cancer education, culturally tailored patient navigation services to American Indian cancer patients treated at the Rapid City Regional Hospital's Cancer Care Institute (CCI) and increasing access to clinical trials. The goal of cancer education is to increase cancer screening rates among American Indians and promote early detection of cancer. This will ultimately lead to higher cure rates. CCI has a comprehensive cancer control program that offers participation in several rigorously-monitored clinical trials that include state-of-the-art treatment options to improve cancer related outcomes. The Walking Forward program strives to increase participation of American Indians in these trials. The patient navigation program assists American Indian cancer patients with logistical, emotional and social support during and after their treatment. This multipronged approach will help stem the increasing cancer rates in this population and will improve quality of life for American Indian cancer patients.

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