Human Subjects Research Determination

The Regional Health Institutional Review Board (RH IRB) can provide an official Human Subjects Research Determination (HSRD) after a thorough review of the research project documentation.  A HSRD is an analysis process where a research project is either classified as: A) human subjects research which requires an IRB review and approval; or B) not human subjects research which does not require an IRB review and approval. 
All human subjects research conducted at any Regional Health facility requires the Principle Investigator (PI) to submit all documents through to the RH IRB. The RH IRB has a computer solution which houses all the human subjects research studies conducted or have been conducted at Regional Health.
What should be submitted to the RH IRB for a HSRD:

  • A detailed description of the research.  This includes, but not limited to: a study protocol or project summary:
  • Informed consent documents;
  • Patient materials;
  • Survey tools and/or questionnaire(s); and
  • Any other pertinent documentation for the research. 

If there are any questions as to what to submit, contacting the RH IRB Office for a “Is My Project Human Subjects Research?” form or an Initial Review submission application form.
Contacting the RH IRB Office:
The RH IRB office is located at Regional Health Center, 2959 Regional Way, Rapid City, South Dakota.  You can contact the RH IRB Office by phoning (605) 755-9037 or (877) 861-4865.  The RH IRB Office e-mail address is: .