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The medical community provides care to residents within a 50-mile area, making it a regional hub for healthcare services. Spearfish offers a variety of high-quality healthcare resources including medical centers and the Regional Health Medical clinic.

Genius 3D Mammography
Regional Health Medical Clinic North 10th Street in Spearfish now offers Genius 3D Mammography. The new technology improves early detection and treatment of breast cancer.Using this three-dimensional technology, radiologists can better detect breast cancer even deep within the tissue, where it might be hidden during a traditional two-dimensional mammogram.

In addition, the Genius 3D Mammography exam finds 20 to 65 percent more of the invasive breast cancers, where early detection is critical to recovery. With 3D's clarity and depth, fewer patients will have to return for second mammograms. Now, 2D images will show something suspicious or ambiguous, and follow-up mammograms are required. Patients with dense breasts, such as younger women, will have a much better chance of early detection with 3D mammography. Call 717-8674 to schedule your screening appointment. 

Regional Health Physicians

Margaret A Becker, MD

Family Medicine

Daniel T Berens, DO

Family Medicine

Jay D Bogard, MD

Family Medicine, IMPACT Certified Consultant

Forrest S Brady, MD

Family Medicine

Heath A Eggleston, MD

Family Medicine

Regional Health Advanced Practice Providers

Karen S Bryan, CNP

Family Medicine

Rachelle Cockrell, CNP


Sara J Gottlob, CNP

Family Medicine

Kerry H Greear, CNP

Family Medicine

Cathy Sowers, CNP

Family Medicine