Financial Assistance Programs

Financial Assistance Programs

As your community health care system, Regional Health is committed to offering care to everyone in our community. If you feel you are unable to afford hospital care, help may be available through our Financial Assistance Programs.

What are the Financial Assistance Programs?

These programs are designed to assist patients who are either financially or medically necessitous. The programs, depending upon your financial circumstances, may result in your having no obligation to pay for services provided, or may result in a discount of the charges billed to you. Each Regional Health hospital participates in the Financial Assistance Programs.

Extended Payment Plan: If you cannot pay the balance of your bill within 365 days, you will be offered an Extended Payment Plan. This allows you to make monthly payments. A representative from our office will work with you to establish an agreeable repayment plan, but the plan will include interest.

Who is eligible for Regional Health's
Financial Assistance Programs?

Depending upon your financial circumstances you may be asked to provide financial information regarding your income. Your financial assets and liabilities may also be considered when determining your ability to pay. Regional Health also uses income limits issued by the Federal Poverty Guidelines to determine a person's eligibility for financial assistance. For more information about our Financial Assistance Programs, please call Patient Financial Services at (605) 755-7660

Are all services covered?

Only medically necessary care is covered on Regional Health's Financial Assistance Program. A list of excluded services is available upon request.