Center for Talent Development

With a total revamp of the way we approach development at Regional Health, the Center for Talent Development brings a collaborative learning model that was created by leaders and caregivers. This new approach also offers caregivers and leaders the opportunity to best practice and network with each other to enhance their development process with valued discussion. The center helps caregivers find their foundations in growth and development through four development pillars: Leadership Development, Professional Development, Clinical Development and First-Year Onboarding.

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Regional Health’s leadership development track is designed to offer leaders a collaborative and interactive approach to growth and development. The tiered approach tailors training to experience level and development needs—all while providing engaging and focused content. Courses offered will immerse leaders in the LEAD NOW! content, providing tools to help put each dimension of the model into action in the everyday work of Regional Health leaders. The Leadership Development pillar is broken down into three tiers:

Leadership Foundations

Courses in this tier offer basic development opportunities for supervisors, managers, and directors at Regional Health. The tier introduces learners to the everyday functions of their job as a leader. Courses offered in this tier include:

  • New Leader Onboarding
  • HRM-305 Hiring Right
  • The Communication Development track in this tier includes:
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Behavioral Communication Style Profile (DiSC)
  • Crucial Conversations

Strategic Leadership

Courses in this tier are rooted in the LEAD NOW! model competencies and provide tools to help put each dimension of the model into action in the everyday work of Regional Health leaders including supervisors, managers, and directors at Regional Health. Courses offered include:

  • SPV-401 Deliver Excellence 
  • SPV-402 Develop Self & Others  
  • Leadership High-Intensity Training  
  • SPV-403 Lead Change
  • SPV-404 Create Purpose
  • Mentoring Program

Executive Leaders

This tier is tailored to Regional Health’s executive leaders and includes leadership events (and coaching) for executive leadership. Course offerings include:

  • Collaborative Healthcare Leadership
  • Administrative Fellowship Program
  • Leadership Summits

Professional development curriculum for Regional Health is intended to strengthen caregiver skill-set, provide tools, and improve caregiver behaviors through experiential learning, development of cognitive skills, and most of all, colleague interaction and networking. Most courses are offered through individual and team development plans through work with Regional Health’s Learning & Organizational Development team.

Curriculum in this area supports all priority areas and operational excellence by aligning caregiver behaviors with the purpose, vision, and values. The goal of the Professional Development curriculum is to improve interpersonal and organizational performance. Courses in Professional Development offer many professional and clinical development opportunities for all Regional Health caregivers. The Communication Development track in this tier includes:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Behavioral Communication Style Profile (DiSC)
  • Challenging Conversations

Emerging Leaders 

Emerging Leaders is an eight month experience designed for those caregivers interested in personal growth and leadership development. The program introduces learners to leadership through meaningful discussions, activities, coaching, and continuous improvement development principles.

By the end of this course learners will build a tailored approach for their long term leadership development. Classes meet once a month for four hours.

Who: For interested Caregivers seeking personal growth and leadership development

Requirements: *Application requires initialed agreement to time commitment from direct leader as well as signature and statement of recommendation from Executive leader.

Time Commitment: Once a month for eight months, 8 am- Noon


Regional Health University develops and delivers programs and services that:

  • Provide resources and opportunities for education to develop clinical competencies.
  • Prepare employees to meet established standards of regulatory agencies.
  • Keep employees informed of current trends and research to enable them to deliver high quality patient care.
  • Enhance employees' performances in their current jobs and prepare them for future workforce needs.
  • Use a wide variety of instruction methods including live instruction and on-line learning.

Topics presented are focused on both orientation and continuing education.  Core courses provide basic education needed to achieve initial competencies.  Intermediate and advanced courses provide continuing education opportunities to further develop clinical skills.  

  • Clinical Courses
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  • Workshop and Symposiums
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  • Technology Classes
    • MICROSOFT CLASSES are available in an e-Learning format. Use this link to login to our learning management system to browse and register for training.

Regional Health’s Center for Leadership & Professional Development also supports many initiatives throughout our community and will be adding more in the future as well. Use the links to learn more or call our office at 755-8018 for more details.

  • OBG-210 Childbirth Education 
  • OBG-211 Breastfeeding Education for the New Mom
  • Use the link to login to our learning management system to browse and register for training.

Regional Health’s American Heart Training Center

Regional Health Learning and Development is an American Heart Training Center and offers certification in all disciplines of Life Support including Basic CPR, Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Pediatric Advanced Life Support. These services are not only beneficial to employees of Regional Health, but also to local emergency services, other hospitals in the region, and community members in general.

  • (BLS) Basic Life Support
  • (ACLS) Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support
  • (PALS) Pediatric Advanced Life Support

Project Search 

To learn more about Project Search, contact our office at (605) 755-8015


Focused on the success of our caregivers, Regional Health has committed to providing resources and tools for first year onboarding along with opportunities to learn and develop. The RightStart Orientation for new hires was designed to provide caregivers with an understanding of the vision and purpose of the organization and guide them to the connection to their role at Regional Health. The Route 365 onboarding process and toolkit aids both caregivers and their leaders in first-year success.


Fellowship Program Overview and Outcomes

Regional Health’s Administrative Fellowship offers you a unique opportunity to candidates to gain real life experience in a premier health care organization, acting as an entry-level administrator by assuming increasing levels of responsibility and working with administrators and caregivers at all levels. The Administrative Fellowship provides you with a great way to enter the health care field while preparing you to become a future leader in health care, emergency services, hospitals and clinics.

Fellowship Program Structure  

Serving as a project manager, you will provide support on several different projects and be paired with members of the leadership team at Regional Health for rotations of three to four months at a time. Rotations will emphasize project deliverables, acquired competencies, and technical skills. During the rotations, you will meet with senior leaders one-on-one to review progress on projects, receive feedback, and help to navigate within the organization. Standard rotations include: Collective Impact and Community Relations, Clinical and System Optimization, Finance, Human Resources and Talent Development, System Procedures, and Patient Experience.


Fellows in the Regional Health Administrative Fellowship Program receive a competitive salary and comprehensive benefits to include paid time off, reimbursement for conference attendance, and relocation expenses.

Want to learn more? Check out this video or download our Administrative Fellowship Guide for more information!

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