Britney's Story

Britney was in her third trimester of pregnancy and preparing for the arrival of her first child when she noticed a lump in her breast. Five weeks after her son, Ace, was born, Britney was told she had stage 4 breast cancer.

“I was on such a big high after I had Ace. It was devastating to find out shortly after that I had breast cancer,” said Britney. “I wanted to be sure I was around for him. He has a lot of time ahead of him and I didn’t want my time with him cut short.”

After chemotherapy and a double mastectomy, Britney was introduced to Dr. Petereit.

“It’s always alarming to see a young woman like Britney who just experienced the joys of pregnancy and had her first child, and of a sudden she’s dealing with aggressive breast cancer,” said Radiation Oncologist Daniel Petereit, M.D. “We took a deep breath and made a comprehensive evaluation and treatment recommendation that was appropriate for her. At the end of the day, we want you cured, that’s the goal.”

As a cancer physician, Dr. Petereit recognizes the importance of caring for patients beyond medicine and understanding and acknowledging the tidal wave of emotions that wash over each individual patient.

“We are not just treating cancer at the Cancer Care Institute,” said Dr. Petereit. “We truly take care of people not only physically, but also emotionally, spiritually and intellectually. Our heart is in this. We sincerely care and are truly called to this profession.”

In March 2017, just four months after her diagnosis, Britney received the news that she was cancer free and officially in remission.
“The Cancer Care Institute at Regional Health is everything,” said Britney. “I don’t know where I would be if I didn’t get the care I got there. The future is bright and our little family can’t wait to enjoy life’s moments together.”